Reforestation in Costa Rica | An ecological model for all the world

Reforestation in Costa Rica | An ecological model for all the world

Did you know that tropical reforestation and biodiversity protection were the most important topics for Costa Rica? Nowadays, this small country of Central America generates 100% of its electricity thanks to renewable resources. It does everything possible to become carbon and plastic free. But, its best record is having 55% of its surface covered by forest in comparison to 26% in 1983. This is due, in particular,  to green tourism and a money motivation policy encouraging reforestation. The President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, considers the climate crisis as the biggest work for our generation. Reforestation in Costa Rica, a model for all the world, this is the leitmotif of Los Nancites who, every day, is getting involved in this great mission.

Reforestation in Costa Rica | A model for all the world

Early in the 80s, Sylvain, current member of Youcome and Los Nancites teams, was already involved in nature protection programs and reforestation in Costa Rica. If reforesting is the very best, we can go further into organizing concrete actions. All collected funds are reversed to Costa Rican associations who play a major role in biodiversity protection.

At Los Nancites, we prefer local actions to set an example and gather new volunteers to take over. We really want to have an ethical modelling approach. Anyway, other people have the same noble dream. Robert Blasiak, searcher in Tokyo, says that “looking at what Costa Rica achieved these last 30 years should be the necessary impulse to create real change all over the world.”

Other experiences prove that this approach is efficient and used abroad. In 2019, a collaboration occurred between Costa Rica and Ivory Coast. The Costa Rican philosophy was : ” the tree is the very element of biodiversity”.

Fostering diversity and cohabitation of fauna and flora must become the responsibility of everybody including, residents, economical actors and tourists. Our involved mind lets us hope small competitions will be organized between local communities and will make some similar projects appear.

Los Nancites is reforesting Guanacaste

Recently, in association with Guanacaste Water Center, Nandamojo Asociación and the help from volunteer students, we planted 250 trees on 7000 square meters of land. We added a special gel on the roots to keep humidity in. Winds are so violent that, added to the sun, they would dry all our work within less than one day causing all of our work to be for nothing. This was a wonderful collaborative reforestation experience. We wish to find the best ways to make a maximum of animal and plant species live together, but also with humans. In that goal, we are creating a responsible charter.

A reforestation adapting in the economy

Real estate race in Costa Rica is a major reason for forest loss. As a matter of fact, for each construction project, we create a space at the expense of trees. Invariably, we cut too many trees, we cut more than necessary. We may not be utopian and may accept these buildings and this economic reality, but let’s try to be careful. No less than 500 000 animal and plant species wait for our support.

How ? Very simple, we just have to associate these housings and accommodations to a small local reforestation. By the way, we can perfectly combine economic development to tourism and wildlife well-being.

Would you like to see a perfect example of a mix between forest and housing? Look for our lodges in Los Nancites in the very heart of Playa Negra.

Like us, be engaged in this nice tropical forest preservation project. Just choose to travel to Costa Rica and make your own contribution. Contact us and become ecotourists. In great news, you will participate to help the planet and take a marvelous ethic experience back home.

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