Whatever your expectations and budget, we always select accommodation options with a focus on the surrounding ecosystems, regardless of the price range.

For some of our tours, we suggest a “base camp”, such as the one we have been running for 15 years in Playa Negra, on the Pacific coast.
We have also handpicked establishments in other areas of Costa Rica. We always make sure the chosen accommodation offers you the opportunity to discover the local flora and fauna as you relax on your patio or deck.

With more than 15 years’ experience, we have the capacity to choose the best for the rest of your journey, based on well-established criteria.

A tailored selection of places to stay

Your expectations are unique: we are well aware that your priorities will not the same when traveling with your family, as a couple or with friends.
Your budget may also vary depending on what you expect.

We have selected a number of accommodation options – hotels, villas, posadas, etc. –covering a wide range both in terms of prices and services, from the most basic and authentic to the most luxurious.
Their common denominator is that they will always allow you to enjoy the moment and connect with the natural world.
A view? An atmosphere? An original activity? The ecosystem is rich…
We have what it takes to keep you happy, and perhaps also surprise you.

Examples of accommodation in the volcano region and South of the country:

Los Nancites: a base camp for your in-depth explorations

To truly appreciate a given area, it’s often best to spend a few days there. It also means you won’t need to constantly pack and unpack, leaving more time to experience the vibe specific to each region of the country.

8 eco-villas set in lush gardens:

Ideally located just under a mile from Playa Negra – a delightful little beach in the Province of Guanacaste, Costa RicaLos Nancites welcomes you in the heart of the dry tropical forest between Nosara and Tamarindo.
The area remains largely untouched by the tourist trail and offers plenty of opportunities to observe its abundant tropical wildlife. Of particular interest are howler monkeys and a multitude of tropical birds (more than 200 species officially recorded in the area).

The private grounds at Los Nancites extend over several dozens of acres, with just six mini-villas and three private independent villas, all nestled in the heart of lush gardens.

This is a quiet place, where you can live in permanent contact with nature and fully enjoy a preserved living space. We have reforested the site, where many animal species have now made their home, offering the opportunity to observe howler monkeys and tropical birds directly from your patio.

Autonomy and well-being, proximity to nature and comfort: our eco-villas are designed to offer maximum privacy and independence.
They are all equipped with kitchens, Wi-Fi, covered and furnished patios, swimming pool and air conditioning.

Los Nancites serves as a convenient base camp for YouCome, allowing us to better understand what our guests truly expect from their vacation.
Staying here is of course entirely optional, you are free to give it a miss.
But you can be sure we had good reasons to choose the place!