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YouCome: a different Costa Rican experience

Instead of replicating the usual well-trodden tourist trail, Caroline and Sylvain at agency YouCome invite you to rediscover the essence of what made them fall for this nation in the first place: its nature, its secret corners where you can feel alone in the world, its people… with a special, genuine atmosphere that sometimes feels out of this time.

« Anyone can tell you about Costa Rica, but no one will show you the country like Caro and Sylvain ! »

Packages & Tours

Whatever the type of package you select – “Expert Pack” (escorted) or “Freedom Pack” (autonomous or semi-autonomous), Caro & Sylvain can offer a variety of flexible, tailor-made tours to suit your every expectation.
Whether there with you all the way or in constant contact through WhatsApp during your vacation, they will tailor your trip to your wants and needs. They will also inspire you to discover hidden gems and lesser-known treasures you might not have thought of yourself.

Far from revealing the full potential of Costa Rica’s seven provinces
here are a few examples of tours we have already organized:

Adventure in Comfort

Optimized for total, stress-free immersion and a colorful vacation.

Beaches, Nature & Volcanos

Off the beaten track for a rich and varied overview of the region’s lush, unspoiled nature.

Nature Photo-Safari

Discover the fauna, flora and charms of the country and hone your photographic skills.

YouCome customer testimonials

Julie M., travelled in January 2021
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What a great trip! Pristine beaches as far as the eye can see, a super-warm ocean, a perfect balance of activities and time to chill by the pool, lots of laughs with friends and howler monkeys, unforgettable surprises, a stunning, super-comfortable villa, typical little eateries – and, of course, close encounters with wildlife: crocodiles, iguanas, sloths, monkeys by the dozen … A fantastic break away from it all – it doesn’t take long to forget about the virus in Costa Rica’s exotic cocoon! (and it’s real easy to get a PCR test locally, no need to worry). Again, a huge thank you to Caroline and Sylvain, our hosts and guides there – they took great care of us throughout our stay.
Aurélie R, travelled in February 2020
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Where do I start? A dreamlike vacation – in fact much more than a vacation, an extraordinary experience in Costa Rica! Sure, the setting is fabulous, a little piece of heaven on earth, but our hosts were even more so! Caro and Sylvain love Costa Rica, and they share the feeling with us in a variety of activities and excursions, and make us feel privileged every time. The program is fantastic: sports, relaxation, nature, discovering the flora and fauna, surprises… it’s all there for an unforgettable stay. A great atmosphere with my girlfriends, lots of laughs and songs (: D)… A fabulous villa. Tim, Emilia, Simone… all wonderful. Everything was awesome! A delight every second of the stay. PURA VIDA!
Claire B, travelled in February 2020
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A trip that I will never forget! Not just your classic vacation in a nice spot, this was a genuine human adventure in the heart of authentic Costa Rica, off the beaten track and away from the tourist spots, with Sylvain and Caro, a pair of nature lovers sharing their secret locations with us! Not to forget the rest of the team (Tim, Emilia ❤️, Daniel), always there to take care of us – they deserve a big thank you too!
Rachel V, travelled in december 2019
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An absolutely magical trip deep in the heart of authentic Costa Rica. From horseback riding on the beach to surf lessons, the outing to the volcanoes and the arrival of the sea turtles, Caroline and Sylvain made us live an unforgettable adventure.
Alexia M, travelled in december 2019
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An unforgettable stay: Caroline and Sylvain pampered us and put a lot of passion and authenticity in helping us discover a magnificent country with a rich natural environment (and amazing wildlife…). Our team of girls was also on top form ;-). We were dazzled by the sights… we shared plenty of emotions and laughs. I came home with lots of great memories, feeling restored and already yearning to return. Thanks again!

Traveling to Costa Rica in times of COVID-19

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