YouCome: Why, How?

Costa Rica may look tiny on a world map, but it’s big on riches: here, you can still stroll all on your own on a picture-perfect beach, spot monkeys and tropical birds in their natural habitat or admire superb, unspoiled landscapes. But for that, you need to know where to look…

Une agence à taille humaine pour un voyage inoubliable

You may think it’s easy to find all the info you need on the web… but everyone finds the same thing and ends up doing more or less the same journeyYouCome founder Sylvain explains:

« People often come to us with the same ideas, the same questions, the same predetermined choices made on the basis of rumors or tips that don’t always suit everyone’s needs. You may be looking for an action-packed trip or a relaxing stay. You may be feeling adventurous or crave comfort, peace and quiet, or love to meet new people… your trip won’t focus on the same areas of interest.
You’ll often hear the “off the beaten track” argument… if it was really that easy to offer, the track would soon be packed, as is the case for the most accessible tourist destinations.
Keeping places unspoiled requires a certain philosophy: keep things low-key and run an agency on a human scale. You could call it an “artisan” or “family” business.
Our answer is simple: for us, growth is not the target. We are keen to preserve our limited-edition approach, because what we really want is to share what we love so much about this wonderful country. »

Your expectations are unique

Our priority is to take YOUR specifics into account. To share our love of this country with you, of course, but adapt to your approach to traveling and take your priorities into consideration.

There are a thousand and one ways to discover a country. A travel agency’s real job is not to standardize its offering, but instead to offer you a trip that suits YOU. That doesn’t mean we won’t inspire you to discover things you may not have thought of yourself.

To meet your expectations, what we do is invite you to discover Costa Rica on one of our limited-edition tours with our customizable Expert Package or Freedom Package formulas.