The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Costa Rica

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Costa Rica

COVID-19 – Conditions of entry

Costa Rica has chosen to keep the country open to tourists: while common-sense measures are enforced, life feels almost normal. Air borders are open, no PCR test is required and no quarantine is in force. This can change, of course, but as of January 1, 2021, visitors are simply required to follow the health protocols described on official websites.

Conditions of entry into Costa Rica:

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be asked to provide a “Pase de Salud” (Health Pass). Here’s the web link:
This is a simple form that each passenger must fill out 48 hours before travelling.

You will also need to purchase travel insurance covering accommodation and medical expenses in the event you should become infected with COVID-19. Proof of insurance must be provided in the “Pase de Salud”. Should the insurance contract require translation into English or Spanish, you must take care of this before submitting the documents. Insurance must of course cover the entire duration of your stay in Costa Rica and provide coverage of up to USD 50,000 in the event of infection, as well as USD 2,000 for accommodation in the event your stay is extended if you are unable to take your return flight.
Travel insurance can be purchased at the airport from Costa Rican insurance companies approved by SUGESE, but they are generally more expensive that what you can get at home.

Foreign permanent or temporary residents who have not fully paid their Costa Rican Social Security contributions must take out 22-day local insurance coverage or international insurance policy in the same way as ordinary tourists.

Entry may be denied if you fail to comply with these requirements.
More information about requirements and visas can be found here:

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