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Here are some inspirational tours that we provided on a limited run, for Costa rica lovers

Youcome, customized vacations in costa rica

"Costa Rica, everyone will tell you about it, but no one will show it to you like Caro and Sylvain!Rather than copying standard tourist routes, they offer you to rediscover the essence of what made them fall in love with this country. The nature, the secret places where you can still be alone, the characters... A special, authentic and sometimes timeless atmosphere...

Passionate about this country with calm and preserved landscapes, they offer to share their experience, in a limited edition vacation planning service, and some packages. Through different formulas offered by the agency YOUCOME and adapted to fit your specific requirements. In this country, so small on the map, it is still possible to be alone on a beach worthy of a postcard. Possible to observe a tropical monkey or bird without a 500mm lense. Possible to admire the magnificence of the untouched landscapes. On site, by your side or in whatsapp contact during your journey, Caro and Sylvain will adapt your trip to your desires and tastes, but they also know how to encourage you to discover the lesser known pearls and treasures, which you might not have thought at first…"

15 Years of commitment to nature

Costa Rica, a green economy ?

At a time when travel is being singled out by certain environmentalists, it is essential to talk the truth. As active defenders of the environment for almost 30 years through different organizations, we consider that Costa Rica has chosen the path of major preservation of its ecosystems, before many other countries. Let's not be naive, nothing is perfect but this preservation of nature has been made possible by the financial contribution of "green" tourism. It is necessary to differentiate between several types of tourism. You can consider that your stay in Costa Rica will help finance the parks (25% of the territory).

Our commitment :

We actively participate in the reforestation of the area in which we live. We buy trees, plant them (170 trees planted in 2019). We visit our neighbors and offer them our services or ask them to participate and reforest part of their properties for free. We also donate part of our revenue to local organizations and help them finance concrete operations (Green miss, Rich Coast operation, beach cleaning, actions to obtain a plastic ban, educational operations). Our lodge has increased its monkeys and birds population in 14 years, while the population of howler monkeys has overall decreased by 40% in 15 years in Guanacaste. By choosing to travel with us, you will become one of the actors who make true changes and improvements possible. As some of our former clients, who have raised crowdfunding in Europe to help us continue and expand our work in the field.

Invitation to discovery and promise of authenticity

The guarantee of not making the same trip as everyone, while being certain, not to miss out on the essentials and some of the most acclaimed points of interest, always in the "Youcome" way though... Ecosystems of incredible richness, unique moments because we will advise you upon right day and the right time to go... Arrivals of turtles, optimized routes so you won’t spend your vacation driving your car, advice on car rental and the best activities depending on your profile, recommendations for discovering delicious and often inexpensive "local canteens". Holidays that will satisfy families as much as adventurers, sportsmen and contemplatives.

The HOTELS selected for the routes offer standing and originality, proximity to the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Our own ECO VILLAS (Los Nancites) offer several capacities and types of accommodation. Costa Rica is a destination that inspires dreams and stimulates the imagination. A return to nature that can be experienced in comfortable adventure mode, active discovery or even by choosing to push forward your your photography skills with a specialized guide or photo coach. Surfing, yoga initiation or deep retreat and everything that will allow you to return home with a full bag of unique memories.

Let yourself be guided, discover this magnificent country, enjoy the "pura vida":
It is your vacation and Youcome will takes care of everything.
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Our clients talk about us

More than simple words, your comments are a true source of motivation for us.
It makes us even more commited to finding new places, share secrets and let you have a wonderful experience during your trip in Costa Rica.
Thank you for being part of our adventure !
superb trip both in terms of meetings and beauty of flora and fauna
we take full eyes !!!
The welcome by Caroline and Sylvain who make you discover their adopted country with love and passion and above all outside the tourist crowd! we are alone in the world it's great
témoignage youcome costa rica

Nadine C
Février 2020

A unique experience with top hosts!
A journey full of discoveries! More than perfect which will remain one of my best trips.

avis voyage costa rica

Alisson G
Février 2020

An absolutely magical trip to the heart of authentic Costa Rica. From horseback riding on the beach, through the surf lesson, the stay in the volcanoes and the arrival of the turtles, Caroline and Sylvain made us live an unforgettable adventure.

avis costa rica

Rachel V
Décembre 2019

youcome agence de voyage
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