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Why should you choose to deal with an agency ?

Whether you travel alone or with your family and friends, there is always a bit of uncertainty when you are responsible for the schedule and content of your yearly vacation.
Not even mentioning the fact that a local contact is always a good idea in case of problem, or even to help you choose for the best daily option.
We have gathered a dedicated team that is always helpful when it comme to providing the best experience when traveling in Costa Rica.
Of course... All travel agent would say that. But since we wish to accompany you from the very beginning of your project, learning to know you and help find the best deals for your airfare or car rental, we are willing to be involved and we truly want to give you hints and share little secrets.
We’ve been exploring Costa Rica for about 20 years now and we are ready to help.
One of the first things we do is trying to identify your specificity. We don’t want to give the same service to every guest. Nore will we always do the same circuit and go to the same places.

We will organize your vacation before you come here. Talking to you over whatsapp or skype in order to accompany you in your travel preparation. But we also will be there to adapt and change the schedule if needed, once in the country... Because a turtle arrival is always unpredictable, or a weather change that would be adapted to certain type of activity. We don’t want you to be stuck in a rigid program... You have to go through a comfortable adventure !

Caro and Sylvain, experimented travelers at your service

Sylvain fell in love with Costa Rica in 1997, his family joined him there to build a small lodge in a preserved remote region filled with well-kept secrets... He will surely share his ecosystems knowledge and photography skills as much as his love for surfing and stand up paddle. As he is a former professional photographer and movie maker, he will be able to give you the right advice at the right time and will allow you to discover the country through authentic activities and places often far from the crowd ... 

Caroline, a former running champion and now Yoga instructor, is also in love with this country. Outstanding organizer, sports coach and passionate about nature, she will be in contact with you before and during your stay, to assist you in your organization. She will help choosing the best airlines tickets, help you get back in shape and spend an unforgettable vacation.

“It was above all to reconnect with a flamboyant and varied nature that we traveled through Costa Rica. It is also to rediscover a certain simplicity, to get away from the noise and the crowd. Living here is a way of agreeing with a certain vision of nature protection. The one which consists above all of leaving room for it ! However, we are not satisfied with formulas and we are active in our area, reforesting as much as possible , but also by funding NGOs for the defense of wild life.
Our goal is to preserve this natural wealth that surrounds us in Costa Rica.
By traveling in this country, you too are actively participating. Financing national parks and the preservation of nature !"
Sylvain Demercastel

A team dedicated to the success of your vacations

Two passionate founders, surrounded by a real close-knit team.
We have worked for many years with the same people chosen for their qualities and professionalism. The staff in our lodge, our surf teachers, our minivan drivers or the cabs that we can book for you, as well as naturalist guides, yoga teachers, restaurant and hotel owners... Those are key elements of our network of enthusiasts, characterized by a specific approach to traveling.
No big numbers, no more than large groups, no tourist trap activities, because our goal is to allow you to experience Costa Rica as we discovered and loved it ourselves.

Environmental protection and travel

Choosing Costa Rica, you are supporting the economy of a country that has stud up to place the preservation of nature at the center of its priorities. 

Of course, tourism is not neutral in environmental terms. But it is also clear that without tourism, it would be impossible to maintain 25% of the territory in the form of national parks. The land would quickly be used to generate agricultural or speculative real estate incomes.
Costa Rica does not live outside the economic realities of the world, this is why for now, preservation of nature has to bring an economical bonus. This is the case here in Costa Rica !
Your ecological footprint is not the same whether you choose a vacation in places that have destroyed the environment to install huge infrastructure, or when you visit, and then finance small entities, linked to nature and relying on its good health.
Choosing a certain type of tourism, you become an actor and influence the decisions made in terms of nature protection. Costa rica, thanks to its success, can become a symbol and give ideas to other countries.
There are many ways to help.
You can make differences, and if you come here, you will witness the results of those individual actions...

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