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Costa Rica : "The" destination

We are travel specialists in Costa Rica for many reasons. First of all, because we have lived there for many years, but also because we have organized the holidays of many people in search of a dream holiday. Each traveler is different, each expectation is unique. The discussion groups on internet are sometimes useful but often, the opinions encountered come from people who have only been once in Costa Rica and who, of course recommend that you do the same circuit... The best, according to them.
This is one way of doing it, but we are certain that it is possible to make your trip much more personal and adapted to your expectations. We first like to talk to you for real in order to understand who you are. Your priorities, your budget and the way you travel.
Once we figure out how to provide what you need, we customize our two adaptable formulas: the Freedom pack and the Expert pack.
Costa Rica, a country without an army where life is good, hosts 5% of the world's biodiversity
Caught between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, on the border between North America and South America, Costa Rica is a small country which benefits from an huge protected natural heritage. The national parks occupy almost a third of the country, Costa Rica, is purely and simply a natural jewel, a gift that awaits you. Volcanoes and forests as far as the eye can see, deserted beaches, monkeys in your garden, Costa Rica is the ideal destination for recharging your personal batteries!
But, however small it is on the map, Costa Rica is a country where travel times can be significant. It is often smarter to reduce the daily distance traveled, in order to discover some areas more deeply and uncover little secrets. It’s a better bet than trying to go all over the country and tick all the boxes of the most famous sites.
Again, some places are not to be missed, but with the right advice, it is still possible to discover uncrowded spots, far from the beaten track ... And sometimes for a lower budget!

Your custom made vacation, personal guide or roadbook on a limited edition formula

Youcome ? Why ? How ?
It seems easy to find travel tips on the internet ... But everyone finds the same information and ultimately makes the same trip more or less. We are often contacted by people with the same ideas, the same questions and pre-established choices on the basis of rumors or "advices" which are not necessarily always best nore valid for all. Whether you are looking for an active or relaxing trip, whether you are in an adventurous mood or you focus on comfort, tranquility or encounters... your trip should not be the same. 
You will often hear the statement "off the beaten track" ... But if it were so simple to offer this, these same paths would be quickly congested, as are the most accessible tourist destinations.

Keeping places preserved requires a certain philosophy, which consists in remaining sober and agreeing to keep an agency on a certain scale. Some would say family business. Our answer is simple : We are not willing to scale and develop at any cost ! On the contrary, we wish to preserve a limited editions spirit. Because above all, we want to share with you, what we liked so much in this beautiful country, the way we discovered it.

We offer stays and tours that we often practice with our customers. But above all, we are impatient to respond to YOUR specificity. Share our love for this country, of course, but responding to your way of traveling and understanding your priorities. There are a thousand ways to discover a country. The real goal of our agency is not to standardize its offer and sell it to the maximum amount of people (although some might say this is the best way to build a business...), but to provide a service that suits you. Give you the opportunity to discover a country the way that fits your personnality.
Of course, we also suggest things and places you might not have thought at first, but keeping in mind your expectations and guidelines.
In order to have the best possible experience, we offer you discover Costa Rica through two customizable formulas.
Discover our two travel formulas : The freedom pack and the Expert pack
Your expectations are unique.

Exemples of accomodations in Costa Rica

logement costa rica

In addition to our travel agency service, we run a lodge for almost 15 years on the Pacific coast, and we also select accommodations over different areas in Costa Rica. We always emphasize the ability of lodges or hotels to provide the opportunity of a discovery. The local flora and fauna, in your moments of relaxation near your terrace are part of the trip. You should be able to enjoy the comfort and the adventure.
Our ECO VILLAS (Los Nancites), offer several capacities and types of accommodation.
The HOTELS selected for the routes offer standing and originality + proximity to the flora and fauna of Costa Rica.
hotel costa rica
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